Chen Taijiquan

Our study of Chen Style Taijiquan, follows the teachings of Master Chen Ziqiang. Being a branch school of the Exeter school of tai chi chuan, also following in the methods of Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang and Grandmaster Chen Xioaxing.


What is Taijiquan?

Taijiquan is an ancient system of Chinese Internal Martial Arts. Whatever your age or ability, the study of Taijiquan can enhance your life, developing martial skill, health and well-being in practice. With over 400 years of direct transmission of Chen family Taijiquan, the art combines martial arts, relaxation and meditation. Built upon optimal posture and body alignment, taijiquan encourages integrated movement, external harmony and internal connection.

What is the teaching method?GMCXX-Single-Whip-Demo

The system is based upon a traditional syllabus of preparation exercises and routines. The routines consist of both slow and explosive movements.
Thorough warm up and conditioning exercises are combined into the teaching programme to aid the cultivation of stability, flexibility, balance and strength.
During training a range of skills are developed: martial spirit, self discipline and calmness of charter. The philosophy of which is to achieve balance of “mind, body and spirit”.